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Japanese Food 100 – #32 Nizakana

Nizakana, simmered fish or boiled fish, is a way to cook fish with seasoning such as soy sauce, sake and sugar and so on. Any kind of fish can be used to make Nizakana. It’s very important to make preparation, such as scraping off scales and slashing a fish for being properly cooked. Nizakana is ... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #31 Kani

Kani means crab in Japanese. Kani can be eaten in raw just like Sashimi, can be cooked in hot pot (Nabe dish), grilled, steamed, and as tempura and so on. Kani is one of the popular seasonal seafood and prefectures along with the Sea of Japan are famous origin where a lot of quality snow crabs are... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #30 Oden

Oden is a Japanese winter dish consisting many ingredients including boiled eggs, winter radish, konnyaku (yam cake), potato, atsuage (thick fried tofu), processed fishcakes and so on.  Ingredients are stewed and soy-flavored. Ingredients vary according to region and between each household. Karash... more
ebi fry, japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #29 Ebi Fry

Ebi Fry is another western-influenced Japanese cuisine. Similar to Katsu (made by various ingredients) but Ebi fry is made by shrimps. Shrimps are deep-fried in high temperature oil. Ebi Fry can be eaten with Tonkatsu sauce or with tartar sauce. Ebi Fry is also ine of the popular Japanese  food ... more
omurice, japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #28 Omurice

Omurice is Western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular dish among Japanese regardless of age. It is made up by wrapping tomato sauced (usually, tomato ketchup) fried rice into omelet and Ketchup placed on the top of it. General ingredients of fried rice for Omurice are... more
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