Japanese Food 100 – #49 Wagashi

Wagashi, Japanese food

Wagashi is the traditional confection of Japan that developed with the tea ceremony.
At tea ceremony, either fleshly made confectionery or dry confectionery is served.

Traditional Wagashi doesn’t contain any butter or cream.
Also, the ingredients of Wagasi, in gereral, are sweet red bean paste, rice cake and so on.

Wagashi can be very artistic and you can find extremely fine designed ones.
It usually reflects seasons.
There are many specialized Wagashi stores in Japan.
Also, stores sell many different types of Wagashi depending on region.

In recently, not only traditional types of Wagashi, there are many fusion types of Wagashi, such as Strawberry Daifuku, which is rice cake stuffed with bean paste and strawberry or Nama Cream Dorayaki, which is pancake with fresh cream instead of bean paste filling.

Kyoto prefecture where the tradition of  tea ceremony has established, is very famous for Wagashi.