Japanese Food 100 – #52 Tanuki Soba

Tanuki soba, Japanese food

Just like Kitsune Udon, Tanuki Soba is another funny named Japanese Soba, buckwheat noodle in soup.

Tanuki means Raccoon in Japanese.
Crunchy bits of deep-fried dough produced as a byproduct of cooking tempura – which sometimes called as Tempura bits are placed on the top of Soba.

There are many reasons why it’s called “Raccoon” Soba.
One famous reason is because Nukita family from Tokyo started making this soba and “Nukita” sounds very similar to “Tanuki”.

In Osaka and Kagawa, the term ‘Tanuki’ is used only for ‘Tanuki Soba’ (Soba noodles topped with deep-fried bean curd).
Tanuki soba is called “Haikara Soba” in those areas.