Japanese Food 100 – #75 Aji no Tataki

Aji no Tataki, Japanese food

Aji is horse mackerel in Japanese and a kind of fish which you find easily in Japan.
Aji no Tataki is another Sashimi dish made with Tataki method.

Fresh Aji is fillet in three pieces and finely chopped with chopped green onion.
And chopped Aji is mixed with ginger, Japanese basil and Japanese ginger.
Aji no Tataki is served with soy sauce.

You can find Aji no Tataki at Izakaya restaurants and sushi restaurants.
Although this dish is one of the home cooking meal, you can get well prepared Aji no Tataki from supermarkets.
Well prepared Aji no Tataki has rich in aroma and flavor.