Japanese Food 100 – #5 Sashimi

sashimi, japanese food

Sashimi is one of the famous Japanese food, Japanese dishes.

It’s very fresh raw fish, meat (beef, chicken or horse), konnyaku (Yum cake) or bamboo shoot sliced into thin pieces.
Also, there is a dish of Yuba (bean-curd skin) Sashimi, which is called Yuba-sashi.

Konnyaku sashimi, bamboo shoot sashimi and Yuba-sashi are vegetarian friendly Japanese dishes.

Freshness of the seasonally fish, meat or other ingredients is extremely important.
There are knives made especially for Sashimi to enable different types of cuttings.
Sashimi will satisfy your mouth but also to entertain your eyes by the beautiful setout of the colors and shapes.

Also, Sashimi refers to not only raw fish or meat, but also different ways of cooking style such as Tataki, Shimo-zukuri, Yubiki and so on.

There is a dish called Kaisin-don, which is a bowl of rice topped with seafood Sashimi. And another dish called Chirashi-zushi, which is a sushi rice in a box or bowl with a variety of ingredients including seafood Sashimi sparkled on top.