Japanese Food 100 – #40 Yakiimo

yakiimo, ishiyakiimo, Japanese food

Yakiimo is Japanese roasted sweet potato.
Yakiimo is often eaten during the cold days in the late autumn and winter season.

Small truck or a street stall seller usually come around your home making a special whistle-like and playing little funny call out to sell “Ishiyakiimo” (stone roasted sweet potato).

These Yakiimo are called “IshiYakiimo”, which means sweet potatoes are roasted on hot pebbles.
Sweet potatoes are buried in the pile of small pebbles, which are heated by wood stove.
Sweet potatoes are indirectly heated through hot pebbles and very gradually roasted taking time.
This makes the Yakiimo very sweet and tasty.

Today, the number of these street vendors have decreased, and Yakiimo is more often enjoyed after purchasing them in super markets or convenience stores.
Still, you could enjoy “IshiYakiimo” from street vendors in some parks or at festivals.