Japanese Food 100 – #28 Omurice

omurice, japanese food

Omurice is Western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular dish among Japanese regardless of age.
It is made up by wrapping tomato sauced (usually, tomato ketchup) fried rice into omelet and Ketchup placed on the top of it.
General ingredients of fried rice for Omurice are chicken, onion, carrot and so on…

You can enjoy Omurice at Youshoku-ya, where is serving Western style dishes.
Also, there are Omurice restaurants, where are offering variety kinds of Omurice, not only a basic Omurice, also arranged ones.

Omurice is one of the most popular dishes that boyfriends want their girlfriend to make for them.  Recently, different style Omurice which is fluffy and melty egg omelet on the top of fried rice is getting popular.