Japanese Food 100 – #22 Yosenabe

japanese food, yosenabe

Yosenabe is made up by variety of ingredients such as vegetables, fish, mushrooms, Konbu (kelp), shellfish and also meats (all kinds).
All ingredients are placed in hot pot and boiled with special sauce made by soy sauce, mirin, sake, broth etc.
Depending on the region and season, you put any kind of seasonal food available at the time.

What is good things about nabe dishes (pot dishes) are not only enjoying main ingredients, but also other ingredients as “Shime” or changing the taste.
“Shime” has meaning of the end. So, after eating ingredients, people put rice and eggs or noodle in the soup and enjoy them.

As for nabe dishes, we have an interesting word.
A nabe-bujyo.
nabe-bugyo is the person in charge of the hotpot. A direct translation could be “hotpot governor.” Sometmes Japanese people use the term as a cynical expression for anyone trying to take charge.