Japanese Food 100 – #20 Unaju

japanese food, unaju

UnaJu is a relatively expensive Japanese dish containing grilled eel (Unagi) on the top of hot cooked rice.
Eels are flavored with a sweetened soy-based sauce and charcoal fired.

The general price of eel in Japan had been lowered due to the massive import from overseas until few years ago.
But, recently the price is getting more and more higher because the number of eel is decreasing. Speaking of the leading producer of eel in Japan, it’s surely Hamamatsu in Shizuoka prefecture and Shimanto River in Shikoku region.
Wild eel is very pricey.

Eating eel can increase your stamina.
That’s why Unaju used to be eaten at the hottest part of the summer to provide strength and vitality.
There are days Japanese people enjoy eating eels during summer when is called “Doyo no Ushi”.

The way of preparing and grilling eels are different from Kanto area including Tokyo and Kansai area including Osaka.
In Kanto area, eels are not only just grilled, also steamed.
So texture is softer and it’s described as melting in the mouth.