Japanese Food 100 – #12 Udon

udon , japanese food

Udon is Japanese thick wheat flour noodle.
There are so many types of Udon and it differ depending on the regions too.

Udon is served in hot soya flavoured soup or as cold noodle with dipping sauce.
There are many toppings such as Tempura or beef.
Also, there are variety of Udon dishes.
There is the nabe dish with Udon, Udon-suki, which is the hot pot dish combine Udon and Yosenabe.

Udon is extremely popular and there are different types of Udon in regions.
Most famous prefecture is Kagawa, calling themselves Udon-prefecture.

You can find different types of Udon restaurants such as specialized Udon restaurants with special preference or chain restaurants throughout Japan.