Japanese Food 100 – #10 Tonkatsu

japanese food, tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is Japanese style deep-fried pork cutlet.
Ton means pork and Katsu means deep-fried cutlet.
Pork fillet or pork loin is dipped into egg and then coated with bread crumbs before being deep fried.

Usually, Tonkatsu is served together with thinly shredded cabbage and a unique sweet and spicy “Tonkatsu” sauce. You can also add Karashi, Japanese yellow mastard to give an extra kick.
In Nagoya area, Tonkatsu is served with Miso sauce.
Some people like to eat Tonkatsu with Oroshi-Ponzu sauce, which is ponze sauce with grated Japanese radish.

It is a very popular dish that you could find many Tonkatsu restaurants specialized in serving several variations of this dish. Some of these restaurants use a special branded pork reared in a specific farm.