Japanese BEER: Things you should try in Japan: Japan Travel Guide

Japanese BEER: Things you should try in Japan: Japan Travel Guide

I explain “Japanese Beer”.
In this video, I explain about Japanese Beer. There are 3 types of beers in Japan. Normal beer, Happoshu and the third beer.

Normal beers must use malt as much as 2/3 or more and happoshu use less than that. Because of that, selling price is set low compare to normal beers.
The third beer is the name of a new kind of alcoholic beverage. It tastes like beer, but is brewed fromingredients other than malt. The third-category beer uses various ingredients such as peas, soybeans, corn and so on, instead of malt.
And of course, the third beers are cheaper than Haposhu.

In Japan, alcohol tax for beer is based the percentage of malt used, and not the percentage of alcohol. So the less malt is used, the less tax is imposed.
So, normal beers, which use malt to brew, their price is high and haposhu is less than that and the third beers are cheapest.

Also, we have functional beers.
We have zero calories, restricted carbohydrate or no carbohydrate. Plus beers contain no purine. So, you can enjoy beers even though you’re on diet!

★ Normal Beers : 189 yen – 215 yen
★ Happoshu : 135 yen – 141 yen
★ The third Beer : 103 yen – 122 yen
Price changes depending on stores. BTW I got them at the supermarket in my neighborhood.