Yakimeshi, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #69 Yakimeshi

Yakimeshi is fried rice. Yaki means fry and meshi is rice. Ingredients of the standard Yakimeshi are rice, egg, green onions and some kinds of meat such as ham, bacon, roasted pork. Since rice is the main sauce of carbohydrate in Japan, many Japanese keep rice left-over in freezer. Un-frozen ric... more
Katsuo no Tataki, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #68 Katsuo no Tataki

Katsuo no Tataki is bonito sashimi with extra preparation method. The surface of bonito is broiled over high heat and then quickly place into cold water with ice cubes. Katsuo no Tataki is served with grated ginger, sliced garlic and chopped green onion as garnish and ponze sauce as a dipping sauc... more
Mentaiko Spaghetti, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #67 Mentaiko Spaghetti

Mentaiko Spaghetti is pasta with Mentaiko sauce. This is Western-influenced Japanese food. Mentaiko (salted cod roe spiced with red pepper) is mixed to boiled spaghetti. Ingredients for Mentaiko sauce are include butter, salt and pepper. Heavy Cream are also mixed together to enrich the taste of... more
Saba no Misoni, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #66 Saba no Misoni

Saba no Misoni is simmered mackerel in miso sauce. This is one of the popular Japanese standard dish. Saba no Misoni has interesting flavor combination of both savory and sweet. It may form a very classic Japanese food set together with white rice and miso soup, which is called Teisyoku. Sake, s... more
Hamo, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #65 Hamo

Hamo is a type of eels with Sharp tooth which sometimes called as a pike conger sea eel. Hamo has a lot of long and hard bones in their body and has to be managed properly – it’s called Homekiri - before cooking. There is a very special knife which is specially made for Hamo cooking which is extre... more
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