Korokke, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #41 Korokke

Korokke is a western-influenced Japanese food. This deep fried dish was originally a French dish, the croquette being introduced to Japan in the early 1900s. Korokke is made by mixing cooked minced cooked meat, seafood or vegetables with mashed potato with seasoning, covering with flour, eggs, and... more
yakiimo, ishiyakiimo, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #40 Yakiimo

Yakiimo is Japanese roasted sweet potato. Yakiimo is often eaten during the cold days in the late autumn and winter season. Small truck or a street stall seller usually come around your home making a special whistle-like and playing little funny call out to sell “Ishiyakiimo” (stone roasted sweet ... more
7 More Things You Need to Know before Coming to Japan : Japan Guide

7 More Things You Need to Know before Coming to Japan : Japan Guide

I’m talking about 7 more things you need to know before coming to Japan. https://youtu.be/0Y8XKUp8zjE 1. Close the door  0:37 2. Taking off your shoes…again  1:08 3. Pharmacy & Medicine  2:03 Yakkan certificate http://goo.gl/Ans9JI http://goo.gl/Ut1zfz First-class OTC drugs http://g... more
nikujaga, braised meat and potatoes, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #39 Nikujaga

Nikujaga, braised meat and potatoes, is a classic and very popular Japanese home cooking dish. It is a Japanese style beef stew. The main ingredients for Nikujaga are thin sliced beef, potatoes, carrot and onion. Little sweet soy sauce based Nikujaga was invented by cooks in the Japanese Navy and... more
Chikuzenni, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #38 Chikuzenni

Chikuzenni, Chikuzen style chicken and vegetable stew, is a Japanese dish made of braised chicken and vegetables including carrot, shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, taros, konnyaku, burdock root and snow peas. It is eaten as everyday meal but also a dish at beginning of the New Year as a part of Osec... more
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