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Japanese Food 100 – #8 Yakitori

Yakitori means grilled chicken in Japanese. Small pieces of chicken and/or vegetables are pieced into wood stick and charcoal grilled. You can chose salt or sweet and savory sauce for flavoring. There are different parts of chicken such as the breasts, thighs, skin, livers, kidneys and hearts. F... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #7 Japanese Curry Rice

Called Curry-Rice in Japanese, it’s one of the most popular Japanese dishes and widely consumed in Japan. You can cook Curry-Rice to be spicy or not spicy and that is why Curry-Rice is loved by all ages from kids to elderly people. The basic ingredients are onions, carrots, potatoes and meat (can ... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #6 Karaage

Japanese people enjoy Karaage at variety of occasions. Karaage is not only for a side dish for lunch or dinner but also a side dish for Bento (Japanese boxed lunch) or a snack while drinking. Karaage can be made by meats or fish but chicken Karaage is the most common Karaage. Of course, many rest... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #5 Sashimi

Sashimi is one of the famous Japanese food, Japanese dishes. It's very fresh raw fish, meat (beef, chicken or horse), konnyaku (Yum cake) or bamboo shoot sliced into thin pieces. Also, there is a dish of Yuba (bean-curd skin) Sashimi, which is called Yuba-sashi. Konnyaku sashimi, bamboo shoot s... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #4 Tempra

Tempura is one of the famous Japanese cuisine. Tempura is deep-fried seafood and vegetables, like shrimp, squid, fish, pumpkin, onion, eggplant, mushroom and so on. Seasonal ingredients are often served. Tempura can be eaten by itself together with Tempra sauce (Ten-tsuyu) or salt, on the top of ri... more
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