Koyadofu, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #60 Koyadofu

Koyadofu is freeze dried bean curd, used as Preservative food which lasts for about 6 months. The texture is just like harden sponge. How to cook Koyadofu is simmered in flavored broth with soy sauce, sugar sweet sake and dashi broth. Cooked Koyadofu is often one of the ingredients of Maki Sushi, ... more
Aji Fry, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #59 Aji Fry

Aji Fry is deep-fried horse mackerel. Aji means horse mackerel. Japanese eats horse mackerel quite often. This dish is one of the popular Japanese dish as lunch set meals. Aji horse mackerel is coated with panko breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until golden brown. Aji Fry is usually served togeth... more
Kiriboshidaikon no nimono, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #58 Kiriboshidaikon no Nimono

Kiriboshidaikon no Nimono is Braised Kiriboshidaikon and a typical side dish of Japanese home cooking. Kiriboshidaikon literally means cut and dried Daikon radish in Japanese. Thinly sliced strips of Daikon radish are exposed and dried under the sun during cold winter days for about a week. This ... more
Hijiki no Nimono, Japanese food,

Japanese Food 100 – #57 Hijiki no Nimono

Hijiki no Nimono ia Braised Hijiki Seaweed.  This is a classical Japanese “Nimono” dish or stewed foods simmered in a soy sauce based broth. Hjiki is a type of seaweed commonly used in Washoku dishes.  Very earthy and perfect with rice. It usually cook with soy bean curd, carrots and konnyaku.... more
Kimpira Gobou, Japanese food, washoku

Japanese Food 100 – #56 Kimpira Gobou

Kimpira Gobou is stir fried carrot and burdock roots (Gobou in Japanese).  Kimpira, which is named after an ancient Japanese folk hero, is a simple yet popular vegetable side dish of Japanese food, Washoku. Sautéed and braised carrots and burdock roots give a nice, earthy flavor.  Other vegetables a... more
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