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Japanese Food 100 – #30 Oden

Oden is a Japanese winter dish consisting many ingredients including boiled eggs, winter radish, konnyaku (yam cake), potato, atsuage (thick fried tofu), processed fishcakes and so on.  Ingredients are stewed and soy-flavored. Ingredients vary according to region and between each household. Karash... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #29 Ebi Fry

Ebi Fry is another western-influenced Japanese cuisine. Similar to Katsu (made by various ingredients) but Ebi fry is made by shrimps. Shrimps are deep-fried in high temperature oil. Ebi Fry can be eaten with Tonkatsu sauce or with tartar sauce. Ebi Fry is also ine of the popular Japanese  food ... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #28 Omurice

Omurice is Western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular dish among Japanese regardless of age. It is made up by wrapping tomato sauced (usually, tomato ketchup) fried rice into omelet and Ketchup placed on the top of it. General ingredients of fried rice for Omurice are... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #27 Gyudon

Gyudon, beef bowl, is another bowl dish that cooked beef is served on the top of rice together with onions. It is commonly served with beni syoga (pickled ginger) and shichimi (ground chili pepper). Sometimes half boiled eggs are consumed together. Gyudon can be found in many restaurants and is co... more
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Japanese Food 100 – #26 Oyako-Don

Oyako-don is a very popular Japanese rice bowl dish consisting chicken, egg and onions. Oyako means Parent and child in Japanese. As you can imagine, this dish is named Oyako-don as it’s made up by chicken and egg which are in parent-child relationship. You can enjoy them at local restaurants or ... more
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