Travel Support

YUKA’s Support! You can reach us through the private line during your stay in Japan.

Are you nervous or worried about traveling Japan instead of being excited? If so, I offer the service that I can support over the phone during your stay.

Please contact me if you are interested in this service.


Concierge Service

Are you looking for service like this?

  • Finding brilliant ryokan (traditional Japanese inns)
  • Determining whether or not to purchase a Japan Rail Pass
  • Getting you great ringside seats for a sumo match
  • Visiting exclusive onsen (hot springs)
  • Finding the perfect kaiseki (Japanese haute cuisine) and sushi restaurant
  • Studying meditation at a Zen temple (syukubo)
  • Arranging private transport and airport transfers
  • Arranging tickets for events and shows
  • Renting cell phones at reasonable rates
  • Renting pocket wi-fi units that allow internet access across Japan
  • Buying baseball tickets
  • Assisting shopping
  • Touring traditional kimono workshops
  • Finding the perfect Japanese garden
  • Seeing a kabuki performance
  • Attending a formal tea ceremony
  • Experiencing a private ikebana (flower arrangement) or shodo (calligraphy) lesson
  • Translation and interpretation

If you have got tattoos and got body piercing and wondering whether you can enjoy onsen or not, please ask me. I will answer it for you.