Japanese Food 100 – #48 Monjayaki

Monjayaki, Japanese food

Monjayaki is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter with various ingredients mixed well before heated.

Monjayaki is made from flour, mixed with water or Worcester sauce with various ingredients added such as cabbage, and grill them together.

It is similar to Okonomiyaki ingredients wise but the way of cooking of Monjayaki is completely different.
Monjayaki is made with a dough more liquid than is Okonomiyaki.

How to cook Monjayaki is:

  • Leave the liquid flour batter in the bowl, and place only solid ingredients on the griddle.

  • Pour the leftover into the hole.

  • If some ingredients come out of the hole, push them back with the spatula.

  • Once the batter starts to boil, mix and cook all the ingredients together.

  • Use a small spatula to scoop and eat the small bite-sized portions.

  • People often eat it, usually use small spatulas, and when eating, press Monjayaki against the griddle with spatulas.

You can find many Monjayaki restaurants in Tsukishima area in Tokyo.