Japanese Food 100 – #8 Yakitori

japanese food, yakitori

Yakitori means grilled chicken in Japanese.

Small pieces of chicken and/or vegetables are pieced into wood stick and charcoal grilled.
You can chose salt or sweet and savory sauce for flavoring.
There are different parts of chicken such as the breasts, thighs, skin, livers, kidneys and hearts.

For vegetables, onions, Shiitake mushrooms, leeks, green peppers and so on… are also grilled and served very often.

Popular Yakitori dishes are Negima, which consists of pieces of chicken, usually thigh meat skewered with pieces of leek in between, Kawa or Torikawa, which are strips of fatty chicken skin, which have been grilled until crispy, Tsukune are meat balls made of minced chicken, egg and vegetables.
There is a menu, which is rare for you… That is Nankotsu, the cartilage taken from the keel bone between the chicken breasts.
The cartilage has a crunchy texture and contains lots of collagen.
Please try if you can!

You can eat Yakitori at specialized Yakitori restaurants or Izakayas (tavern). Also, you can buy them at supermarkets or convenience stores.