Japanese Food 100 – #4 Tempra

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Tempura is one of the famous Japanese cuisine. Tempura is deep-fried seafood and vegetables, like shrimp, squid, fish, pumpkin, onion, eggplant, mushroom and so on.
Seasonal ingredients are often served. Tempura can be eaten by itself together with Tempra sauce (Ten-tsuyu) or salt, on the top of rice (Ten-don), with Soba ( Ten-zaru ) or with Udon ( Tempura Udon ).
You can have Tempra with reasonable price at chain restaurants.
Also, there are high quality Tempra restaurants, where the specialized chefs cook high quality Tempra in front of you.
If you’re a vegetarian yet allowed to eat eggs, please don’t worry.
Many restaurants offer vegetable Tempra dishes.
Of course, we make Tempra at home or buy them at supermarkets or stores, too.
And… Many people from Kansai area eat Tempra with Worcester sauce.
I think they won’t ask Worcester sauce at high quality Tempra restaurants, though…