Japanese Food 100 – #17 Onigiri

japanese food, onigiri

Onigiri, also called “Omusubi”, is Japanese rice-ball which is made from rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and often wrapped in seaweed.

We eat Onigiri at home, as take-out lunch or as a midnight snack.
Usually there are fillings inside Onigiri.  Typical fillings are Umeboshi (Sour plum), flaked tuna mixed with mayo, grilled salted salmon chunks, Bonito flakes mixed with soy sauce, cod roe, and so on.

In my personal opinion, though… The ultimate Onigiri is Shiomusubi, which is simple rice ball with salt.
We have variety of rice in Japan and each rice has different taste and texture.

Not only homemade Onigiri, you can also find plenty of selection you can find at convenience stores, supermarkets or Onigiri stores.

Please find your favorite Onigiri!