Japanese Food 100 – #16 Takoyaki

takoyaki, japanese food

Takoyaki is very popular ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and dashi with diced octopus and other ingredients inside.

Tako means octopus and yaki means grill or fired.

Takoyaki is available throughout everywhere in Japan but it’s more common in Osaka/Kansai area as it’s a region food of Osaka/Kansai.

In Osaka, most families have the grill pan for Takoyaki at home.
Takoyaki is usually served with savory and sweet “Takoyaki” sauce, Mayonnaise, Aonnori and Katsuobushi.  Some are served with soy sauce, ponze or as they are when they are well seasoning.

You can buy Takoyaki at small Takoyaki stores.