Japanese Food 100 – #1 SUSHI

japanese food, sushi

Sushi has been loved by Japanese since 17th century and now by everybody all around the world.
Sushi consists different kinds of toppings on the top of vinegared rice.
Raw fishes such as tuna, squid or salmon roe can be used as toppings.
Sushi is eaten together with soy sauce and wasabi (Japanese horseradish, green in color).
Pickled ginger can be eaten in between each sushi to clean up the remaining taste & smell of the previous sushi you have eaten, so that you can enjoy all sushi fresh.

I have sushi for dinner at least once a week at my favorite SUSHI restaurant!
Here is my favorite SUSHI restaurant!

Osaka Sushi : Sushitomi: Travel Japan Guide for Osaka trip: Osaka Restaurant