4 Useful JAPANESE Phrases for Vegetarians [Japan Guide]

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I’ve got a comment from Amanda.

japanese phrase vegetarian

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I’ve been noticing that not many restaurants and not many Japanese food are Vegetarian friendly.

So, I though it would be a good idea to make a video for the request from Amanda!

4 Useful JAPANESE Phrases for Vegetarians



  1. I’m vegetarian.  私はベジタリアンです。
    Watashi wa bejitarian desu.
  2. I can’t eat meat.  私はお肉を食べません。/ お肉は食べません。
    Watashi wa oniku wo tabemasen.
    Oniku wa tabemasen.
  3.  I can’t eat fish and seafood.  私はお魚を食べません。/(お)魚は食べません。
    Watashi wa osakana wo tabemasen.
    Osakana wa tabemasen.

In this case, you can say “Sakana wa tabemasen.” too.
Also, you can use a word “Gyokairui”.
“Gyokairui” means seafood.
Usually, people understand “Osakana wa tabemasen” means that you don’t eat seafood, though…
Just in case!
Gyokairui wa tabemase.  is another way to tell them.

  1.  I don’t eat eggs.  私は玉子を食べません。/ 玉子は食べません。 
    Watashi wa tamago wo tabemasen.
    Tamago wa tabemasen.

Extra 1:

Do you use bonito freaks for this Dashi broth?  お出しにかつお節を使っていますか?
Odashi ni Katsuobushi wo tukatte imasuka?

There is another way to tell them.

Do you use any seafood for this Dashi broth?  お出しに魚介は使っていますか?
Odashi ni Gyokai wa tukatte imasuka?

Extra 2:

Is this Halal food?  ハラルフードですか? / ハラル対応ですか?
Hararu fu-do desuka?
Hararu taio desuka?


▶Additional Info◀

Kosher Meal

Kosher meals are not common in Japan, yet.
If you’ll stay at hotels like Hilton, Hyatt. Westin and so on, they serve Kosher meals.