Somen, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #46 Somen

Somen is very thin white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. The noodles are usually served cold with a chilled dipping broth and consumed in summer.  Some ingredients are add in a dipping broth, such as sliced green onions and grated ginger. Some restaurants offer Nagashi-Somen (flowing Somen n... more
Menchi Katsu, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #45 Menchi Katsu

Menchi Katsu is minced meat cutlet. This is a kind of Katsu (deep fried). Minced beef, pork or together are mixed together with small pieced onions and the ingredients. Ingredients covered by wheat flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs being deep fried. Japanese Worcester sauces and mustard are usually se... more
Chawanmushi, japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #44 Chawanmushi

Chawamushi is a Japanese steamed egg custard with assorted ingredients. Ingredients can vary but most common ones are chicken, white meat fish, shrimp, mushroom and gingko nut. It is made from a blend of egg and dashi, giving it a delicate savory flavor and smooth texture when appropriately steame... more
Tamagokake Gohan, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #43 Tamagokake Gohan

Tamagokake Gohan is simply raw egg on white rice. Beaten egg is mixed well together with soy sauce and poured on rice when eating. This dish is loved by many Japanese and often eaten as breakfast as preparation for is very easy and quickly done. In recently, younger generation call Tamagokake Goh... more
Potato Salad, Japanese food

Japanese Food 100 – #42 Potato Salad

Potato salad is eaten all around the world and it differ slightly in each counties. It is said that it originates from Russia. In Japan, basic recipe is that boiled or steamed potatoes are mixed together with Mayonnaise, small pieced carrots, sliced cucumber and sliced onions.  Ham, tuna or someti... more
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